A ferocious debate has unraveled through the news this week challenging the importance of cultural familiarity and shared language for children in the care of the state. Whilst the UK media has approached these issues as a national crisis in child-care, it is hard to ignore the parallels that form with common criticism in the […]

How to volunteer overseas ethically Anyone thinking of volunteering overseas should attend this Ethical Volunteering Conference. 10am to 2pm, Saturday, November 4th 2017, David Lean, Braithwaite Hall, East Croydon, which is a 11 min train journey from London Bridge. Also fast, direct trains from Kings Cross, Gatwick, Luton, Brighton, Victoria and London Bridge. Tourism Concern’s […]

The International Marine Volunteers is a proud member of Fair Trade Tourism in South Africa. Fair Trade Tourism promote fair and responsible business practice across Africa through their membership and certification programmes. The Fair Trade Tourism membership scheme assists tourism businesses to develop a foothold on the path to sustainability through the use of custom-designed benchmarking toolkits. […]

There is a certain dichotomy of thought in motivation for overseas volunteering that lies at the root of the abuses of voluntourism companies. Individuals often laudably recognise their charmed lives and consequently want to help those where problems are most acute. Yet this recognition of a privileged position does not always negate and can even […]

Rosa interviewed Pod Volunteer as part of her Georgraphy dissertation research on the topic of voluntourism. We have invited her to share her findings as a guest blogger. “Hi, I’m Rosa – a recent geography graduate. I love learning how the world works, particularly how people interact with each other and the planet! This along […]

This article highlights the dark side of the growing ‘voluntourism’ movement, paying particular attention to ‘orphanage tourism’ and the work of JK Rowling’s  Charity ‘Lumos’, as well as offering some useful suggestions of how we can repair some of the damage!    Written by Kirstyn Bowe a student at Plymouth University – Academic member. Volunteer tourism, once considered “a form of […]

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