This article highlights the dark side of the growing ‘voluntourism’ movement, paying particular attention to ‘orphanage tourism’ and the work of JK Rowling’s  Charity ‘Lumos’, as well as offering some useful suggestions of how we can repair some of the damage!    Written by Kirstyn Bowe a student at Plymouth University – Academic member. Volunteer tourism, once considered “a form of […]

 Tourism Concern’s Ethical Volunteering Conference took place on Saturday 26th November and was a great success, so thanks to all of you who came and contributed. Here is a brief summary for those of you who missed this event. Introduction Tourism Concern Executive Director, Mark Watson, welcomed everyone with a brief presentation on the work […]

How to volunteer overseas ethically Anyone thinking of volunteering overseas should attend this Ethical Volunteering Conference. 10am to 3.30pm, Saturday, November 26th Braithwaite Hall, East Croydon, which is a 11 min train journey from London Bridge. Also fast, direct trains from Kings Cross, Gatwick, Luton, Brighton, Victoria and London Bridge. Tickets £15 including lunch Tourism […]

Tourism Concern is a small, independent charity – we rely on our Members for financial support and volunteers to help produce our Ethical Travel Guide, country guides, campaigns and education and outreach.  We are always on the look-out for volunteers who can commit to taking on a project, help us find new places in the […]

Ben Lambert, is the Seaver Foundation’s 2016 programme coordinator and shares his thoughts and conclusions of his research, undertaken whilst a volunteer “Along their journey, The Seaver Foundation found that listening to children’s voices in terms of what they need, want, and feel during their interactions with volunteers on different projects, helps to create a positive experience for all.” […]

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